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Gloria’s 7 B’s of Branding

Can you explain what you do with ease?  Are people understanding what you have to offer? Do you understand what message you are projecting...
Career Coaching

Your Job Search Made Easy!

The job search process may give you a feeling of loss, a feeling of confusion, and fear.  You don’t know what’s next, who will respond, if your...

Are you giving your website the cold shoulder?

Recently a business owner reached out to me regarding his website. Three months before reaching out to me he felt that his website needed something but wasn’t...

Women’s 5 Day Morning Retreat!

        Are you ready to grant yourself sacred time? Ready to go into the core of you?   I am here to give you the...

Want to connect with your clients?

Business Tip of the Day! Answer Your Phone Differently. How are you answering your business phone?  Does it sound like this “Good morning, Flowers 4Fun”?  Sounds good right?...
Job and Career

So… You would like to have a career huh?

Starting your own business, or building a focused and desired career is not an easy task for anyone! It may look easy, but for...
tree flowers

Need to feel grounded? Your answer might start with graditude!

Life gets crazy and life bombards us with things we cannot control.  That is just the truth. But how do we start to feel...
Career Coaching

Career Development Coaching

Gloria coaches job seekers in highlighting their skills, education, and experience in a way that positions them competitively in the job market. Recruiters are...
Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Gloria Cunningham has worked in several facets of marketing and communications. Her experience includes thirteen years in marketing, eight years in developing key business...

Ambition – A deeper view!

  Coming Soon!